About Trompetty Event & Exhibition Floors

Trompetty, began as two catering companies that regularly organised large and smaller events. Initially the company Trompetty event carpets and floor coverings was started as a separate branch within the hospitality and events organisation. After 14 years of events organisation a switch was made to laying carpets and floor coverings at events. It grew into an independent company, such that a departure was made from hospitality.

Trompetty is the company to cover your floor for your exhibition or event. Trompetty was established in 1992 and has gained extensive expertise in many facets of events and exhibitions. Our company operates both nationally and internationally. Whether it be 100 m2 for a party or creating walkways for a large exhibition. As business owner you are aware of the quality requirements your customers have with regard to rental materials. Quality, look, flexibility, speed and maintaining agreements are essential requirements for Trompetty.

Without losing sight of the smaller projects we are proud of the large projects we have recently undertaken. Such as the European Championship Football 2012 in 5 cities, the coolest job in the Netherlands at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, Tribute to Beatrix, Congress in the NH Conference centre Noordwijkerhout,Global Champion Tours abroad and at home.

Together with our employees we deliver projects in accordance with the clients wishes. Our staff are skilled and quick in cutting and seamless upholstering. Our staff are professionally trained by us and specialists. Our staff think along with the customer before and during activities.

Trompetty is always innovating. We are constantly looking for ways for work to be performed as efficiently as possible by developing machines, including those already made, that enable faster work performance and are less burdensome to our employees. We have even developed a brush-winding machine for recycling carpet. Carpets also go into the recycling program where they are turned into fuel grains.

In addition to carpet rental, the option to purchase also exists. You have the choice of various types of quality and different colours. We deliver throughout the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany by the roll. Trompetty also has vinyl in it’s range. Vinyl can have various uses, think kitchen marquees or an exhibition stand with a modern look.

The PVC-floor covering has been specially designed for covering sports floors. Trompetty can get your sports hall covered and water tight in no time so that your floor is protected. The customer is central to Trompetty. Skill, flexibility and reliability are of paramount importance to us.

Once Trompetty has left the work floor, you as organiser will be a satisfied customer.

Trompetty Event & Exhibition Floors

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