Vinyl / PVC


Vinyl is a hard floor covering. Vinyl can have various uses, think kitchen marquees or an exhibition stand with a modern look. Vinyl can be printed with a fantasy design, a wooden texture, bright colours, marble, stone flag tiles, cork and even metals. Trompetty has a broad collection which includes for example Jazz made up of various black-white designs.

All our collections are Bfl/S1 certified.

PVC floor coverings

The PVC-floor covering has been specifically designed to cover sport floors. Trompetty can get your sports hall covered and water tight in no time so that your floor is protected.

This is a heavy duty pvc material which is supplied in rolls of 1.5 meters wide and 20 or 30 meters. It has been specially designed to lay onto a sports hall floor so that your event can take place in such a hall.

Trompetty Event & Exhibition Floors

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